Do you have a passion for cricket? Do you want the best seat in the house? Fancy yourself as a decision maker? Beginning your journey as an umpire might be the best decision you make this season! Umpires and scorers represent the third team during cricket matches and perform a vital role, both on and off the field, by upholding the Laws and Spirit of Cricket and ensuring games are played in a respectful, enjoyable, and safe environment.

The Role of Cricket Wellington Umpires and Scorers Incorporated

Before you officiate a game Cricket Wellington Umpires and Scorers Incorporated (CWUSI) will ensure you have the required skills to allow you to officiate with the confidence that will help you enjoy the experience. The standard of play requiring umpires varies greatly and there are opportunities in male and female cricket, junior cricket, youth cricket and senior cricket.

We have plenty of umpire & scorer opportunities available. Our experienced umpire development staff provide all umpires & scoreres with free training, development & support throughout the umpire journey. All regular training & development sessions are held at the Basin Reserve.

If you / your club are interested in an umpire course please reach out & we can come to you!  

If you are interested in beginning your journey as an umpire / scorer, or would simply like to learn more about the game & see what opportunities may be available, please contact:

Club Cricket Umpiring

Matt Wilson

027 277 3858

Last Man Stands Umpiring - No experience or qualifications required

Tom Kinley

021 181 2907

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