WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – The 25th Annual General Meeting of Cricket Wellington Inc. took place on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at 6:30 pm in the Norwood Room, R A Vance Stand, Cello Basin Reserve. The event marked a significant milestone in the organization's history as newly appointed CEO Stuart Robb made his first public appearance in his new capacity.


The meeting began with a warm welcome from President Bryan Waddle, who opened the proceedings at 6:30 pm, extending his greetings to all the attendees. Throughout the meeting, Waddle assumed the role of 'The Chair' when acting in that capacity.


The agenda covered several important matters, including the establishment of a quorum of delegates, which represented 35 voting rights. In remembrance of individuals who have made significant contributions to Cricket Wellington, a moment of silence was observed for the following individuals: Bruce Alexander Grenfell Murray QSO, Bruce Arthur Claude Heather, Robert Allan Stewart Mitchell, Gordon Albert Dry, Catharine Shields, and Wayne Greenstreet.


The minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting were confirmed and accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The adoption of the Annual Report and Financial Statements was also approved, with the organization showing a net surplus of $127,002, highlighting its strong financial position and contrasted the deficit of $119,329 the previous year.


Election of office bearers included the re-election of Patron Trish McKelvey and President Bryan Waddle, and welcomed in new Vice Presidents Gavin Larsen, Ronnie Nathu, Liz Green, and Alan Graham, all of whom received strong support for their nominations.


The election of Directors saw the re-election of Rochelle Roddick and Betty O'Connor Scurr, along with the addition of Campbell Mackie, all of whom were unanimously elected to the board. The Board also recommended the reappointment of chartered accountants PKF Kendons as the Auditor.


New board member, Campbell Mackie, is an experienced volunteer in club cricket across Wellington having been the Chairman of Hutt District Cricket club for 7 years, the club he has played for since a kid and is a founding member of the Hutt Cricket Academy. He is currently the Head of Technology for ACC and sits on multiple cross government boards with a focus on strategic delivery of technology and transformation.  Campbell brings his knowledge of community cricket and his strategic thinking and experience to the board table. 


Honorary officers, including Honorary Legal Counsel John Greenwood, Honorary Medical Officer Dr. Jake Pearson, and Honorary Statistician Ian Smith, were all re-elected.


A notable highlight of the meeting was the recommended adoption of revised Constitution changes, notably removing the need for financial reports to be distributed 15 or more days prior to the AGM. This will ensure correctness of reporting and remove undue burdens on the auditors, noting that these reports will still be available at the AGM in future.


The meeting concluded without any general business raised, and The Chair, Bryan Waddle, expressed his gratitude to all attendees, officially closing the meeting at 7:20 pm.


Cricket Wellington Inc. looks forward to another year of success, driven by its dedicated leadership and strong financial footing.

Article added: Thursday 02 November 2023