Cricket Wellington Welcomes Stuart Robb as New Chief Executive

Cricket Wellington Welcomes Stuart Robb as New Chief Executive

11 July 2023

Cricket Wellington is thrilled to announce the appointment of Stuart Robb as its new Chief Executive. Stuart brings a wealth of commercial expertise from various sectors, including significant experience within the sports industry. His impressive background includes financial and commercial positions at New Zealand Rugby and New Zealand Racing Board. In addition, his recent ventures in the corporate sector have further honed his skills in business growth and profitability.

Stuart's deep understanding of the Wellington cricket environment stems from his rich history with the sport. Having played as a former school first XI player, premier senior club cricketer, and New Zealand Indoor Cricket representative, he possesses comprehensive knowledge and firsthand experience of the game. Furthermore, Stuart has actively contributed to the cricket community as a Club Chair and College Cricket Committee Member. Presently, he continues to demonstrate his passion for the sport as a player for the Old Tablelands Cricket Club.

Assuming the position on Monday, August 7, 2023, Stuart Robb will succeed the long-standing CEO, Cam Mitchell. Cam Mitchell, departing on July 31, will embark on an exciting new journey as the CEO of Athletics New Zealand. Cricket Wellington extends its gratitude to Cam for his exceptional leadership and dedication throughout his tenure.

Cricket Wellington eagerly looks forward to Stuart Robb's tenure as Chief Executive, as he brings a unique blend of commercial acumen, cricket expertise, and a deep connection to the Wellington community. His appointment promises to propel the organisation to new heights and foster continued growth and success.

Article added: Tuesday 11 July 2023