Dual Pitch

Dual Pitch Cricket

Fun! Enjoyment! Participation & Friendship!

Skill Development!

Cricket Wellington have reworked Years 2 and 3 cricket to be shorter in time duration but still have the same playing opportunities so that children are active for extended periods of the game.

Cricket is now having to compete with sports such as Touch Rugby, Football and Hockey that are looking to take advantage of the weather in the summer months. These sports take approximately 40 minutes to an hour to complete. A year 2/3 junior cricket match in the past could take up to 2 hours to complete.

This perception has seen the numbers of kids playing the game at junior levels decrease steadily over the years. These days a number of parents don’t have the time to watch their kids play a game that might take 2 hour to play.

Year 2/3 Kiwi Dual Pitch Cricket


  • The rules are the same as Kiwi cricket.
  • The difference is that both teams bat and bowl at the same time.
  • The benefits of this are that the game will be over in half the time. All kids are involved with no down time.
  • Less fielders means more opportunities to score with the introduction of boundaries and the continued encouragement of running between wickets.
  • With batsmen trying to score a long with a shorter pitch there will be more opportunities for bowlers to get wickets.
  • In general there will be more action in less time so that everyone has a more positive experience.
  • The boundaries are to be measured from the batsmen’s stumps.
  • The Umpire must police the fielding distance rule as it is designed for the child’s safety and will help encourage running between the wickets
  • All extras (Wides, No Balls, Leg Byes and Byes) are to be added to the facing batsmen’s total. If the ball crosses the boundary without being struck by the bat then only the runs completed by the batsman plus the extra (if applicable) will be added to their total.
  • No Balls – When a No Ball is hit to the boundary, then both the runs scored off the bat and the extra will go to the batsmen. EG If a No Ball is hit for 2 then the batsmen will be awarded 2 + 1 extra so their total will increase by 3 runs
  • If the ball passes over the boundary from an over throw, this will not constitute a boundary. Only the runs that the batsmen complete will be added to the batsmen’s score.