Coaching Courses

The Cricket Wellington Coachforce department offers a variety of coach education courses on behalf of New Zealand Cricket across the foundation, development and performance levels of coaching. The individual courses are tailored to ensure volunteer community coaches, development coaches and semi professional coaches get the very best information and opportunity to develop their coaching skills.

The Wellington courses are delivered and run by experienced educators with a background in both teaching and coaching. The overriding philosophy is that coach development is based on the concept of coaching communities; the needs of the athlete being coached their stage of development as opposed to the levels of coach knowledge and skill.

For further information on the stages of coaching, please see the Coach Education Course Matrix as below;

Foundation Coaching Course - 2018

This course is targeted at coaches both new to the game and with some experience coaching at beginner and junior the level. This course is non-examinable and is run online and can be done by the coach over the period of about an hour. The course provides coaches with a number of the soft skills required for effectively coaching teams at this level.  There is no charge for this course.

An outline of the Foundation Course:

  • Consists of 6 modules and includes Superstar Cricket Academy Stage 1 and Stage 2 modules. On completion of the last module (Superstar Cricket Academy Stage 2, the coaches will be able to download a certificate);
  • This course is free of charge;
  • Practical sessions to assist coaches with delivering the Superstar cricket modules will be run at some point in the future, check this page for updates;
  • To register for the practical you must have completed the NZC online Foundation module before registering by email with Christie van Dyk on for the practical course

The Advanced Foundation Course

This course is targeted at coaches of the hardball game. The course has a 6-module online component and is non-examinable. The online course focuses on the basic principles of coaching a cricket team and the practical aspect of the course focuses on providing skills and drills that coaches can implement in to their practive sessions. The practical section of the course is run over 3 hours at night and can only be completed once the online module has been done.

The cost of this course is $45.00

Advanced Foundation Course:

  • Consists of 6 x online modules and 1 x 3 hour practical module;
  • The coaches must complete the online modules before attending the practical module;
  • The coaches will register for the course through their MA or club as previously done. They will be provided with a login code in order to complete the online modules;
  • Coaches will be given the Coaching a Cricket team manual at the practical module;
  • Once the practical module is complete the coaches complete a question online whereby they identify 2 or 3 coaching aspects they will work on through the season;

Centralised Practical courses will be run during 2018, check back here for updates or contact Christie van Dyk for more info,

Development Course - 2018

The Development Course replaces the Level 1 Coaching Course for the 2018-19 season. The new course will be a blended course, consisting of both online and practical modules. It is intended for coaches who are coaching players in youth club or secondary school teams. Coaches of players in Year 7 or Year 8 District or Representative teams are also eligible to attend.

The new Development Course comes in to effect on August 1 2018 and course will be run in Wellington following this date. Check back here for updates or contact Christie van Dyk for more info,

Level 2 Course

The NZC Level II course is for coaches of 11 a-side teams who have an active coaching record and a commitment to coaching. It concentrates on detailed planning and evaluation, understanding and using the principles of bio-mechanics to coach, analysing and improving skills, understanding the coaching process and effective team coaching, including game tactics.

Due to low registration numbers, Cricket Wellington regrettably will not be running this course in 2018.

If you have any queries, or would like to be updated on future courses, please email Christie van Dyk at

For further information on any of the Wellington School of Cricket’s coaching options, contact:
Christie van Dyk