Dear Coaches of Junior Cricket

Dear Coaches of Junior Cricket softball teams,

The Influence of the coach is NEVER neutral –

This year, Cricket Wellington has directed funding towards a great new initiative targeting our junior coaches.

The funding allows Cricket Wellington appointed Coach Developers to mentor some of our junior coaches, many of whom will be new to coaching. The immediate focus is on the coaches of those working with softball teams (Years 2-4) in their clubs, but also extends to a limited number of hardball coaches.

We have heard that some coaches have not taken up this opportunity due to a feeling of being “examined”. Whilst we understand the trepidation associated with a visit from a “professional coach” and the fact that the learner feels as if they are being scrutinised, I can assure learner coaches that this process is about developing a relationship with you in order to assist you to grow as a coach.

Learner coaches should view this more a mentoring opportunity than an examination.

The coach development personnel involved are tasked to observe your sessions and work along-side you to assist you to provide a better training and practice experience for your team. This is a great opportunity to work in a non-threatening environment and obtain feedback on your coaching in order to provide you with some useful tools to enhance the way you work with your team.

Again, it is important to understand that this mentoring programme is not designed to be a critique of your coaching practice or ability, rather a practical experience with feedback and ideas for you to develop in order to get the most out of your cricketers and to incorporate into your weekly sessions with your teams.

We urge those of you that have been offered this opportunity to take it up. It will only add to your coaching experience.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Nevin                                                                                         Mark Borthwick
Community Cricket Manager                                                                 Coaching Director