Graduation Programme

The objective of the Cricket Wellington Cricket Graduation Programme is to support a culture of continuous improvement and foster the on-going development of the cricketer’s career.

The Cricket Graduation Programme (CGP) is run over 9 months, starting October 2015, at the Wellington School of Cricket Indoor Centre. It is designed to provide hard working talented cricketers with comprehensive coaching and mentoring leading into and throughout the cricket season.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with our outstanding team of coaches in a program that includes specialist skill coaching in the areas of batting, fast bowling, spin bowling and wicket keeping. Players will also have access to strength and conditioning sessions, designed to meet the cricket specific needs of our athletes.


The players will get:

  • 20 x one hour individual skill coaching sessions
  • 4 x Group Sessions
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Game Sense
    • Injury Prevention
    • Goal Setting
  • 4 x Group training session
  • WSC Gold Membership which provides free use of all stadium facilities for one year
  • CGP Training gear


$2850 (GST Inclusive). A deposit of $500 is due by mid-September followed by monthly installments of $293.75 due on the 20th of each month (October 2015 – May 2016).

For ages 12 years and above


Classroom Sessions

Class room sessions are delivered to the full CGP cohort and are designed to develop well rounded athletes. The sessions feature guest speakers who deal with a range of subjects including nutrition, injury prevention, game preparation and tactics.

Group Sessions

The group training net sessions allow the player to buddy up with a training partner. The purpose of these sessions is to not only learn new skills but also understand and develop self-awareness and understanding of their own game by becoming keen observers of another player’s game. These sessions carry a strong coaching and feedback component and they are invaluable to any cricketer in terms of developing their self-sufficiency and their “own” coaching competencies.

Individual Sessions

These sessions are tailored towards the specific development of each player’s cricket skills. One of the philosophies that under pins this work, is that of ‘expertness’ being achieved through 10,000 hours of practice.

To this end the players will receive individual coaching from a highly qualified professional coach who will work hard at assisting the player to get the very best out of themselves. Coaches will plan sessions according to each player’s individual needs. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring players understand the importance of their role within a team.

Free Use of Facilities

Our membership package is becoming very popular.  As a CGP student you will enjoy the use of facilities free of charge for a full year. As we all know, it is how much time you put in to your training and the quality of training that will increase your chance of being successful. We encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities this membership provides.

How to Join

To apply for the programme please email application before 18th September 2015, including the reason why you wish to join the program, to Ivan Tissera at;

If you have any queries on the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact Ivan either by email as above, or by phone on 021 894 338.

Places are limited and admission to the program is by application only.