Specialist Coaching Clinics 2017

The Wellington School of Cricket offers a number of specialist coaching clinics throughout the year. These clinics are focused group sessions targeted at coaching specific skills in a controlled and enjoyable environment. Please see below details for information on upcoming clinics within the WSC or please contact Ivan Tissera for further information.

Cricket Wellington Specialist Coaching Clinics

Please see below details for the Specialist Coaching Clinics on offer at the Wellington School of Cricket

Wicket Keeping

A good wicketkeeper is critical to the success of any team. They need to be reliable, fit, skilful, tough and at times brilliant but this key position can often by occupied by the player who is, at times, a forgotten man at practice.  A good keeper can turn a game their team’s way with an outstanding catch, stumping or run-out and in order for a wicketkeeper to excel they must put in quality time and effort to work on all aspects of their game.




Everybody loves scoring runs (even bowlers) and it is no secret that players with the correct batting technique are more likely to consistently contribute to the team score.