Strength & Conditioning Specialist Andrew Smith


Name: Andrew Smith

Playing Style: strength and conditioning coach

Nickname: smudger, smithy, panda, taz, pom, 

Secondary School Attended: holy trinity C of E (UK)

Club: Collegians

Earliest Cricket Memory: at the local cricket club watching dad

Favourite Ground to play: Anderson Park

Most memorable cricket moment: playing alongside Darren Gough for the Yorkshire Academey

Favourite player growing up: Steve Waugh

The non-cricketing sports person or team I most admire: Halifax Town 

If I wasn’t a Firebird I’d be: a rock star

Favourite superhero: batman

Favourite holiday destination: thailand

In my spare time I like to…exercise and cook

My favourite song is…rock n roll star – OASIS

My signature dish is… homemade ravioli 

My favourite movie is… top gun

My favourite food is… fish

Favourite school subject: PE

Worst school subject: Religious education 

Do you have any pets? 2x dogs taj and ava 2x cats ole and minter 6x chickens

If I could have anything, I would want… to live closer to my family

The biggest influence on my cricketing career is… my grandad Roy Smith