cakeI was hatched
batI can’t bat with my gloves on!
bowlsNor can I bowl
Entry SongSurfin’ Bird
by The Trashmen

Pyros’ origins are mysterious and subject to much rumour and speculation.  At a young age he was found unconscious by a pair of kiwis years living at Zealandia, with no memory of his past.   All that was found was a belt buried beneath a pile of ashes.

Surrounded by his adopted parents and two siblings, Pyro grew up in the forests of Zealandia and developed his great passion in life – Cricket!  Growing up with heroes like Chris Nevin, Matt Bell, Roger Twose, Gavin Larsen and Iain O’Brien, Pyro has held a lifelong ambition to play for the Firebirds.  The dream borders on obsession, and Pyro makes sure never to leave home without his pads and gloves.

Despite his happy childhood, Pyro always knew there was something different about him.  His uncertain history is at the back of his mind, and he knew eventually he would set off to find out where he came from.  Additionally, living with Kiwis meant he never learnt to fly and he dreams of one day soaring among the clouds.

With a mixture of joy and sadness Pyro recently decided to leave the nest, and has taken up residence at the Hawkins Basin Reserve.  Nesting in the RA Vance Stand gantry, his home “the Eerie” gives Pyro a great vantage point for games and allows him to take flying tips from the pigeons.

If you see Pyro around, say hello and help him on his journey to become the greatest mascot New Zealand has ever seen.