Naenae Go The H20

When Naenae Cricket Club set up their new junior section, Club Captain Marcel Wratt and his committee wanted to make it a family friendly environment. “We think it is important, especially in younger age groups to encourage development of good habits, and drinking water is one of the things we are really passionate about encouraging.”

They have taken steps towards creating that family friendly environment by working with Healthy Families Lower Hutt and committing to “Go the H2O”.

Go the H2O is a movement where water is promoted as the drink of choice. When we drink water not only do we get all the benefits of water for hydration, we are also not drinking sweetened drinks that contribute to obesity and so many chronic diseases.  Wratt and his team have set up a water bar in the clubrooms so junior players have easy and free access to water. They are even selling bottled water in the clubrooms for just $1.

This year’s junior prize giving is going to be a water only event.  To find out more about Go the H2O contact

If you’re interested in running a water only event in your club check out “The Water Kit” at Healthy Futures Trust .