Coaching Development

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves” -William Arthur Ward, American Educationalist and Author

This is the philosophy that drives the Cricket Wellington Coachforce department and their coach education programme. Cricket Wellington regards coaches and coaching as critical to its overall strategic success.

Consequently, Cricket Wellington wants every cricketer to have access to an appropriately qualified coach to ensure they reach their potential or desired level of leisure, activity or competition.

Give something back to your community-  become the coach of a kids cricket team  – you will love it!

Coaching Development News

Coaching in County Cricket: what better place to learn

Wellington Firebirds’ Assistant Coach, Glenn Pocknall, has been taking us on a journey through his development as a coach. In this week’s post, he looks back five years to a northern hemisphere summer spend with Sussex in the UK. You can read Glenn’s previous post here.   It’s fair to...

Glenn Pocknall: My Dutch Experience, 2011

Glenn Pocknall’s coaching reflections reach 2011 and his time spent in Holland working with the Ajax Cricket Club. You can read Glenn’s last post here.   I hopped off the plane in Wellington, New Zealand in September 2011, feeling relieved to be home. After being away for six months, living...

Developing Coaches Soak Up Learning

Ten coaches from across the Wellington region recently completed the New Zealand Cricket Level II course in Wellington. The seven modules of the course included opportunities for coaches to develop their coaching philosophy, develop an understanding of the coaching process through exploring Ericsson and Kolbe’s research, and listening to and...