Age and Stage & CricHQ rule clarifications

Cricket Wellington has been made aware of a series of teething issues with the new Age & Stage Junior Formats & CricHQ. These are to be expected with any new formats – please see below a series of clarifications bought about from week 1 – please note these are designed to increase the speed and enjoyment of the game for ALL involved:

Returning Batter – Year 7 & 8

Any batter that reaches retirement (30 balls) can return to bat once all other batters have been dismissed/retired. This is irrespective of their dismissals in the first six balls. Retired batters can return chronologically (based on first retired, second retired etc) as further wickets fall. The innings will be deemed finished once all overs are completed or all batters are dismissed. In representative cricket batters CAN be dismissed from the first ball they face. If a batsmen is retired after facing 30 balls they can return as per the above.

No Balls & Subsequent Free Hits

Free hits only apply in Year 7 & 8 cricket (including rep). Free hits will only apply after the first no ball of the over. Any subsequent no balls will not result in a free hit. If a wide or no ball is bowled on the free hit, the free hits rolls over to the next legitimate delivery. If a no-ball is bowled off the eighth ball of the over, the free hit will not roll over to the first ball of the subsequent over & becomes void. The only mode of dismissal of a free hit is run-out. A no ball is defined as follows:

“a ball that without having touched the person or bat of the striker, bounces more than once, or rolls along the ground, before reaching the popping crease” or “Any full-toss which passes above the batter’s waist, shall be called a no-ball”

Match Lengths (time) – Year 7 & 8

Cricket Wellington has had mixed feedback regarding the three hour time frame allocated to Year 7 & 8 Saturday fixtures. Cricket Wellington would like to stress that bowling should take place in 5 over chunks from one end, on-field coaching should be kept to a minimum & both the batting & fielding side should endeavour to move quickly between overs. Cricket Wellington will continue to monitor this time frame closely.

Bowling Conditions – Year 7 & 8

Cricket Wellington has not mandated that all players must bowl in these age-grades. However, it is our expectation that if players are wanting to bowl, coaches/captains will manage this to ensure everyone is given equal opportunity.

Players Shortages

Cricket Wellington appreciates that despite clubs & coaches best endeavours there will on occasion be player shortages. The purpose of the new Age & Stage formats is to ensure everyone has a fun & enjoyable experience & leaves the game wanting to return next week. With this in mind, if a team is short of a player(s) we encourage the lowest scoring player(s) to bat twice to create a competitive fixture. Clubs will need to ensure this isn’t manipulated by their coaches/teams to bat their strongest player(s) twice.